Ever since I can remember I've always been a huge Topshop fan. I adore their clothes, accessories and shoes. But, when strutting into a high street clothing store, or scrolling through pages and pages of product online it can be easy to overlook the brands makeup and beauty department. In the past, I've tried Topshop highlighters, eyeshadows, eyeliners etc and I can definitely attest to the products being of a high quality - the same standard of any makeup you'd buy from boots. Whilst all of the Topshop makeup I've tried has been great, it's the brands lipsticks that really have a hold on me....

Let me start off by giving you a little bit of info. So as it stands right now a Topshop lipstick currently retails for £8 as do their lip bullets. Lip liners retail £5 and the very on trend 'Everything Sticks' sell for £10. These prices put Topshop Makeup at perhaps the slightly more expensive end of drugstore makeup, but by no means are you going to be breaking the bank. Remembering that a MAC lipstick sells for around £15.50, Topshop prices don't look so bad now, do they?

Overall I find Topshop lip products to be incredibly long wearing and highly pigmented. Whenever I get a compliment on my lip colour 9/10 times you can bet I'm wearing Topshop. The brand does a great job of providing a mix of both matte shades and sheens however I am more drawn to the matte shades. So without waffling on anymore, here are swatches of all of my current Topshop lippies and a little bit of info about each one. 

Starting on the far left is Mercurial a very sheer golden shimmer. Although described on the website as being an 'Ice Pink' I do have to disagree, this shade is neither icy-toned or pinkish! Instead, I'd describe Mercurial as golden shimmer. It isn't an opaque colour but looks wonderful just placed on the centre of the lips as a highlight. I've also been loving wearing this shade on nights out in place of a matte nude lip just to spice things up!

In the middle, we have Naturist, a warm pink toned nude.  Being so pale I struggle to find nude shades that don't make me look... well, dead. I find that warmer, pinky nudes seem to provide me with a little more life. So if you too are porcelain skinned perhaps you will fall in love with Naturist just as much as I have - hey even if you're not as pale as I am, I recommend giving this beautiful shade a try. It really has become my day-to-day go-to weapon of choice. 

And lastly, on the right is one of Topshop's 'Everything Sticks' in the shade Nevada. I actually have an entire 'Everything stick' makeup look coming soon so keep your eyes peeled! I love the way that this shade applied because it is so creamy. I was expecting the everything sticks to be a little drying on the skin and especially on the lips, but I was so very wrong. I've been reaching for this shade for slightly more formal occasions, you know, those events where you want to look slightly more put together than normal? 

Funnily enough, these three shades happen to be my most worn shades this month, I guess I'm really loving nudes this season!

Hmm... let's talk about the swatches from top to bottom. I should start off by saying that pink really isn't my colour. Knowing this, last year I went through  a phase of desperately trying to find a pink that suited me. I'm still not really sure why I was so intent on trying to find a pink that suited me - and by this point, I have more or less accepted that pink does not and probably never will look great on me. However, at the time Macaroon was my answer to the pink conundrum. It is a pretty salmon pink that I'm trying to get as much wear out of as I can. Macaroon does offer a lovely pop of pink in the spring/ summer months and its super moisturising too. 

Out of all the colours in this blog post, I think Coy is the only one I have a real problem with. I picked Coy up a while ago whilst Topshop was still producing Lip Crayons (I believe these have now been reformulated and are now called Lip Bullets). So here are my problems with Coy. I can get over the fact that barbie pink doesn't suit me *sigh* but what I can't get over is how drying this formula is. Whenever I decide to give this lippy another chance, I go to apply it and remember why I hated it to begin with. Applying this lipstick literally feels like applying lipstick with a wax crayon. I feel as though I end up really rubbing the product on my lip to get any colour payoff, and when I do eventually manage to achieve some colour on my lips, it's usually very patchy. As you can imagine the formula is very drying on the lips and not long lasting at all. This is one of the very few items that Topshop didn't quite manage to hit the mark with - however as I said these Lip Crayons do seem to have been reformulated and have now evolved into Lip Bullets, which seem to be 100x better. Well done Topshop for rectifying that mistake. 

Ohh La La what a shade we've got going on over here. I'm sorry that was an awful pun. Anywho.. Ohh La La is a bright coral colour that looks stunning in spring /summer. This photo makes it show up a little more orange-toned than it is in person but nether the less it is a beautiful, bright shade. Unfortunately, this is one of those shades that doesn't look so great on me. Both Ohh La La and Macaroon share the same formulation in that they're neither matte nor a sheen finish but somewhere in the middle.

Now the last shade in the pinks category is definitely the most eye-catching. All About Me is a vibrant fuschia shade that is guaranteed to turn heads every time you wear it. Surprisingly, because it's a little darker than the other shades, this is probably the pink that I have managed to get the most wear out of. If you are into wearing a statement lip then this is a great shade to try. The staying power of this formulation is incredible, I have found that hours go by without needing to touch up. The only annoying thing about this lipstick is that when it does start to fade you're left with a vibrant pink outline around your lips and nothing in the middle, but hey, that happens with a lot of lipsticks right?

Let me just start out by saying that this photo truly does not do these shades justice. On the left, we have Hazard, a deep classic red. Out of all the shades I own, Hazard has to be the one I have gotten the most wear out of. If you ever see me sporting a red lip, chances are it's this bad boy. In fact, I have to give Hazard credit, I think it was the first red lippy I ever bought and it was love at first swatch and I'm still a huge fan. The shade shows up a little lighter in this photo than in real life, but it is a classic red with bluish undertones. If you want to see a better representation of this shade, it's the lipstick on the far right on the first photo at the top of this post. 

On the right of Hazard, we have Rio Rio - a brighter and more orange toned red. I've always thought this colour looks most beautiful on darker skin tones. Like all of the shades mentioned so far (with the exception of Coy) I find the colour glides on with minimal drag and doesn't feel drying on my lips. My favourite time to whack out this shade is definitely for summer BBQ's or evenings at the pub with friends. 

And lastly, these are a few of the brightest colours in my collection. Admittedly, these shades may not get as much wear as the nudes and the red shades do, but it is nice to have the option of a bold lip sometimes.  Now, I know what you're probably thinking.. 'When is it ever the appropriate time to wear a purple lipstick?' the answer being really not that often. My favourite way to wear The Damned is either over a berry colour lipstick to add depth or over a really dark lip liner or eyeliner when going out. This creates quite a gothic, vampy look which is strangely often my go-to look for a night out. 

Next in line, we have a Lip Cream in the shade Pout. Honestly, as I'm holding this shade in my hand right now it really does look fluorescent. Interestingly like a lot of liquid lipsticks Pout seems to have a vanilla scent to it. Pout has a thick and creamy consistency which means that it is fairly moisturising on the lips, plus I find that it applies really evenly. The only issue I have with this shade is that it does take a while to dry, and when I say a while I do mean a good five minutes. In this time you have to be careful not to touch your lips for fear of smudging the application. When the cream does dry, it dries to a demi-matte finish. 

Finally, we have Infrared.  I suppose you could liken it to the lipstick version of Pout, however I do find Infrared to be more of a muted orange than Pout - In fact if you're a fan of MAC's infamous Morange but don't want to pay the £15.50 price tag, I reckon Infrared is a pretty solid dupe at only £8! For a really clean application of Infrared I'd recommend purchasing an orange lip liner too, but that's just a personal preference. Infrared is the perfect pop of colour to spice up any bland neutral makeup look and keep your makeup looking fresh. 

If you're reading this then well done for making it to the end of this exceptionally long post. I personally really love seeing and reading about other people's makeup collections so I thought it would be fun to do a post talking about a part of mine. 

Please let me know in the comments if you own any Topshop lipsticks? If so which ones? And if not why not? I hope you're all doing well.
Love always,


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