If I am completely honest, each year I find buying my boyfriend a Valentines Day gift to be a very stressful exercise. I understand that the 14th of Feb is about spending time with loved ones, and expressing appreciation and gratitude towards each other and not about material possessions. But I find myself wondering, why not spoil each other when you can!?

If you're not one for getting soppy at this time of year, or you simply haven't had time to put all he effort you would have liked to into your other half's gift, then don't worry! I've quickly whipped up a list of last minute gifts that could save the day. 

GO FOR A DRONE or a toy helicopter. Whilst it might not be a practical present, the best gifts never are! I don't think I could name a male friend of mine that wouldn't get excited at the prospect of playing with a remote control 'copter for a couple of hours. However, maybe that says something about the mental age of my friends. Even better, if your guy is into Star Wars and hasn't already picked up a miniature BB8 DROID then why not do him the favour? These little gadgets completely astound me! I'm dying to get my hands on one myself! Be warned, these little guys come with a hefty price tag. 

LOUNGEWEAR aka pyjamas are more of a practical option I suppose. The way I see it, pyjamas are a more exciting (sorta) version of being gifted socks - there is always a use for them and they're more fun to look at? Any-who, you can pick the bottoms pictured above up for £6 in the Topman sale which is wonderful if you're on a budget for this years V Day. Fatface and Marks & Spencer are also really good for mens luxury loungewear if you're looking to spend a bit more. 

It's often common practice for females to receive underwear as a valentines present, so why not return the favour? I love the classic CALVIN KLEINS - why you ask? Advertising, thats why. That and for some reason brightly coloured boxers really bug me.. weird I know. 

If your guy is into sport, next time you get the chance take a look at his gym bag. If it's looking a bit worse for wear then perhaps treat him to a new one?I think this is a sweet idea because it shows that you've really thought about something that would benefit him. A new gym bag may also be one of those things that you're in dire need of, but just can't justify buying for yourself and therefore makes a lovely gift. I found this classic HERSCHEL BAG with just a quick google, however don't forget to consider what brand (if any) your guy is into. Many people like to stay fairly loyal to one brand, so you could take that into consideration too. 

Whilst we are on the subject of bags, I thought I'd mention the CAMBRIDGE SATCHEL COMPANY. If your other half is fashion conscious, then a leather satchel may be a wonderful staple piece too add to their collection. If you order online there is also the option to emboss a name or initials onto the bag as well which also adds a sweet personal touch. I actually bought my boyfriend one of these satchels for christmas and he seemed to really like it!

It might sound odd to suggest skincare for men, but everyone needs to look after their skin! Men can get just as conscious as women about bad skin, and the facade that skincare is just for women often makes men hesitate or feel embarrassed to shop around for it. KIEHL'S have a wonderful gift set that doubles as a sort of starter set for men. I'm sure a nice shaving or beard grooming kit would also not go amiss. 

My last Valentines day gift suggestion is simple: Fragrance. Aftershave, like perfume, can be a very personal gift if someone has gone to the trouble of specially picking out a scent for you. Different smells resonate differently with different people and so buying fragrance can be quite tricky - but if you are looking for a recommendation, then it has to be said that GUCCI GUILTY POUR HOMME does smell wonderfully musky.  

So there you have it, my list of a couple of thoughtful last minute gifts that might save the day this Valentines Day. That being said, it is important to remember that it is not about the amount of money you spend, but the quality of time you spend together. What are your Valentines plans for this year?

Love always, 



  1. such great ideas, I always find buying my boyfriend presents is so tough!

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

  2. Some great ideas! I love posts like this because it is soooo difficult to buy for men! Especially my boyfriend! xx

  3. I'm really struggling with what to get my hubby! This has come in so helpful! Thank you :)

    F x

    The Francesca Diaries

  4. I'm forever buying my boyfriend jammie bottoms - you get some really nice pairs in TK Maxx <3

    Gisforgingers xx

  5. A droid is such a good idea! I bought my husband these weird wheelies for adults that he will probably break his neck on haha!! Gemma X


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