I thought it only right to balance the tables and follow my valentines gift guide for him with one for her. Being a girl myself I do feel a little more qualified writing this post than I did writing the former. That being said, I will introduce this post with the same message - spending your time with your loved one/s on Valentines day is more valuable than any gift ever will be. So if you're really looking to make each other swoon write each other heartfelt cards, go out to dinner or stay in with a bottle of wine and watch Netflix. Gifts are great, but they're only the cherry on top of the cake (and who wants the cherry without the cake right?!)

With that out of the way, whether you're buying for your wife, girlfriend, mom, sister or daughter this Valentines day, here are a couple of ideas for you to think about.When anyone mentions the 'V' word coupled with the notion of present giving, I automatically think lingerie. Does anyone else do this? It's almost as though I've been conditioned. Either way, think black, red and lacy. Sexy underwear is the tried and tested Valentines day present for your other half and both parties get to enjoy it! If you're working with a standard budget then H&M and ASOS have got some lovely lingerie in at the moment, but if you have the cash to splash then I recommend taking a look at AGENT PROVOCATEUR.  

Moving on from lingerie to lipstick. I think that lipstick makes for a really personal present. If you have gone to the effort of selecting a shade you think the other person might like, or even selecting a shade that you like, then a lot of consideration and thought has been put into that purchase, and every time your valentine wears that lipstick, she will think of you. Does your girl have a favourite makeup brand? You could start there. If not, TOM FORD, YSL, CHARLOTTE TILBURY and CHANEL are high-end lipsticks that would be a special gift. 

Like lipstick, perfumes also make for wonderfully personal gifts because of the effort that is put into selecting them. There are a lot of deals online and in Boots at the moment, so I recommend heading to your local boots and having a sniff. YSL BLACK OPIUM seems to be a blogger favourite scent wise at the moment, however if you want to opt for a more luxurious option then I would recommend having a sniff around your local JO MALONE counter. I love Jo Malone scents because they're all so unique yet each one of them is wildly captivating. Many of the Jo Malone scents also come in candle form which is wonderful for any fellow candle lovers out there. 

Looking for a gift with a bit more personality? Well how about gifting a print. The great thing about giving somebody a piece of art as a gift is that you're able to capture part of the personality of your relationship. There are some really lovely prints on ETSY but if you do a little bit of googling, I'm sure you'll be able to find more independent sellers.

If whoever you're buying for is into makeup and looking after their skin, how about treating them to a more luxurious brand they might not justify buying for themselves. For example, I'd love to try out a product or two by AESOP but I just can't seem to justify buying them for myself.  I don't know many women or girls that wouldn't apreciate a new luxurious moisturiser or face mask. Perhaps have a look at KIEHLS too for more luxury skincare. 

And now for the finale, if you happen to have a grand or two lying around, and you really want to make your girl feel special on February 14th, well nothing says 'I love you' quite like the GIVENCHY ANIGONA! However, as most of us don't have anything like that amount of money to spare, how about picking out a cute going out bag for your valentine? SKINNYDIP has some really unique clutch and cross body bags that would POP against any outfit.

So there you have it, my two cents on what a gal might like this Valentines Day! What would you like to recive on the big day? Do let me know below!
Love, always


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  1. I love this guide - and I think I speak for every woman when I see a Chanel lipstick is DEFINITELY welcome any time of the year!

    Claire | xx


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