When my parents asked me what I wanted for Christmas  I wasn't quite sure what to tell them. I knew I wanted makeup as my stash is woefully depleted. However, having not been as fully immersed in the blogging world as I would have liked to have been over the past two years,  I didn't know where to start! So I grabbed my laptop and begin wading through a sea of luxury beauty gift guides and wish lists. Unfortunately now I also have a beauty wish list as long as my left arm, but that's another post in it's self.

I woke up on Christmas morning and was luck enough to receive all the makeup pictured above. I must say when I opened the NARS Dead Of Summer Palette I did squeal with excitement. I was lusting after the entire Steven Klein collection so I was so happy receiving the eye palette! I think I also squealed with excitement when I realised that I was now the owner of a By Terry Ombre Blackstar. It wouldn't show on camera at all, but the pigmentation is incredible. I have the shade Blond Opal and I will definitely be starting a collection of these things - they're incredible!

I had mentioned to my mom that I'd like to try a new brand of makeup. Life can get a little boring sometimes when you're constantly repurchasing the same brands and products,  and so my mom decided it was time for me to branch out and try Charlotte Tilbury. Now I know that this brand is big in the blogging world, and I have a friend (shoutout to Lily) that swears by the stuff. I received one of the K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipsticks in the shade 'Bitch Perfect'... Isn't that a great name! I also received an accompanying lip liner in the shade 'Pink Venus'. I'm pretty awful at lining my lips, so I hope that I manage to improve on that a little bit this year. 

My favourite full coverage foundation of all time is Estee Lauders Double Wear, but I've yet to find a foundation that feels slightly lighter on the skin, yet still gives me enough coverage so that my face doesn't look patchy. So I figure my mom thought 'Hey, why not give this a try' and kindly gifted me the Estee Lauder Double Wear Light. Lookout for a first impressions post coming your way soon! 

Lastly, I was in boots the other week and noticed the Soap and Glory Pillow Plump XXL lip glosses. Now I've never really been one for lip gloss. I find that they can all too often be overly sticky. However, I am a sucker for a gimmick. I picked what I thought was a nude shade up, only to get home and realise it was more of a coral shade. So my mom was nice enough to pick up the right shade for me. 

So there you are, those are all the make up bits and pieces I got for Christmas this year. I'm sorry about the slightly out of focus photo, it was the best of a bad bunch. I'm afraid my camera is so old, it has lost the ability to focus. I have set my sights on the camera I want to buy, so  it's only a matter of time! Let me know in the comments if you got any make up for christmas, what did you get?

Love always 


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