This really has been a week for change. Change and a spot of spring cleaning... can I declare it Spring yet? I'm just so sick of Winter. As from now you'll hear no more talk of Winter on this blog, it's all about focusing on Spring and new beginnings. Whilst having a serious clutter detox this morning I rediscovered a dusty cardboard box filled to the brim with empty products. Knowing there was no way I could possibly throw anything out before posting mini review's on my blog, I thought I better hop to it. When I say I've accumulated a LOT of empties over the past few months... I mean it. There was no possible way I could fit all the empty skincare, haircare and makeup products into one post and keep it vaguely interesting, so I thought I'd divide things up little. So here you have it my empties part 1 - the skincare edition.



After another unintentional break from blogging, I'm back... again. I know I've been a very sloppy blogger for the past year, but I suppose that's what you get when you try and spread yourself too thin. This year however I'm claiming the year as my own. After dropping out of university in late December (more on that another time....) I thought I should spend this year taking care of myself and really getting to know me. And one thing I do know about myself is that I love a good blogging session. 

So whilst having a little clear out of my foundation draw I came across this bad boy. "Some kind-a gorgeous lite". This is a Benefit product that retails for £24.50 in the UK. I bought this a while ago when I was on the hunt for a lightweight foundation that still gave a good coverage. Benefit describes the product as being a "cream to powder finish" which is something I've never really come across before. That's the thing that I dislike most about this foundation  - the texture. It goes from being silky and creamy to a very dry, gritty texture in a matter of seconds. The strange powdery feeling of this foundation made my skin crawl whilst applying it! I understand that's the major selling point of the product, so i suppose this is more of a personal pet peeve. 
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