Each year autumn comes around and presents us with not only a change in the colour of the leaves, but a change in trends too. This year is no exception. Whilst some make up trends such as wine stained lips and bold cat eyes have been appearing all over the catwalks each fall for years now, other trends are slightly more topical.

It would seem that this year's topical trend is red and orange eyeshadow. You might think bright eyeshadow would be slightly less wearable than bold brows but you couldn't be more wrong! So here's one way that I wear warm shadows...

  1. Start off with a clean face and apply a base of your choice. I chose to use my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation (applied with a ecotools flat top kabuki) because my skins playing up at the moment and it gives really long lasting, full coverage. If you feel the need to set your foundation with a powder, then do so.
  2. It seems the "purposely overplucked" look is long gone. Put down those tweezers and pick up a pencil because bold brows are making another appearance this autumn/winter. Here I used my Models Prefer Automatic Eyebrow pencil to thicken up my brows. Be careful to use little strokes giving the appearance of fuller brows, rather than just drawing a continuous line.
  3. Now this is where a little creative licence comes into play.. I really wanted to create a sharp line with my eyeshadow, so to do this I used sellotape.. crazy or genius? You decide. Of course you could always just apply your eyeshadow free hand and then sharpen the edges up with concealer and a fine brush. Unfortunately half way through creating this look I realised I was fresh out of concealer and so sellotape was the way forward. I'd also suggest using sellotape instead of tidying up with concealer if you're lacking in confidence with your makeup ability!
  4. Step 4 is totally optional, but taping your eyes open and hiding behind doors to frighten people; priceless. Funny-face selfies also optional.

  1. For the next step I began by priming my eyelids with Urban Decays Primer Potion, this will allow you to really get the most vivid colours your products will allow. I then used a blush in Rosy Glow from Natural Collection as a sort of colour base - pull the colour along the lash line and wing it out. If you decided to try out the sellotape technique, you'll have a nice guide to follow for this step.
  2. Next I decided to intensify the look by adding a deeper red eyeshadow -Smashbox's Racy Red-  just above my lash line and blending it into the softer red blush to create a kind of gradient. If you wanted to you could even add a hint of plum at this point. Remember to blend all of these colours into one another slightly or else you could you end up with red striped eyelids... now that's not a good look. 

  3. Now, remove your tape or neaten up the underside of your wings with concealer and you should be left with a bold cat eye. To finish my eyes off I lined the outer half of my lower lash line with a plum eyeliner, for this I used "persistent purple" from Models Prefer. I made sure to blend this out a little so the eyeliner didn't just stop in the middle of my eye and so that there wasn't too many hash lines about the look. If you look closely you can see I also lined the bottom of the shadowed wing to make the look slightly more striking. Finish your eyes of with a sweeping of mascara.
  4. To finish the look off, I just ran a Baby Lips in Grapevine over my lips and added a little colour to my cheeks with Chanel's Soleil de Tan...

And Voila! That's the completed look. 

Firstly I'd like to apologise for my hideously chipped nail varnish, and secondly for my extremely long winded explanations of things. Whilst I could have just made this post a FOTD I really wanted to have a go at a tutorial of some kind. I did attempt my first video but the camera cut out halfway through filming; I took that as an omen to stop aha. Maybe another time? 
The thing that I like about this look is that it's very versatile, if you wanted to wear orange shadows you could substitute the reds for oranges etc. Let me know if and how you've been enjoying wearing warmer toned shadows this fall.


  1. I love how that looks! Will deffo be trying that out! <3
    Hareem x

  2. Wow I cant believe I never thought of doing a orange/red winged look, that's such a great idea for autumn, love it!

    Em xx

  3. Oh this looks lovely on you. Id never be able to pull that colour off!
    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  4. Hi darling- thanks so much for your comment on my blog, added you on twitter ;) Firstly you look stunning, you're like Emma Stone ;) thats such a smart idea about the tape, something so simple & so effective, definitely have to try it out, I'll never be late in the mornings doing my winged liner now :) x

  5. Love that color on you invent been trying to do the cat eye for ages! Never got it right


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