I always find it really interesting to see what it is that other bloggers haul around with them all day in a little sack, because as silly as that sounds, that's essentially what a bag is right? So I thought I'd throw in my addition to the world of "what's in my bag" tags; school bag edition. 
I removed the usual school-ey kind of things from this tag (because who really want's to hear about how I obsessively organise my school work?) So the items in this post are in addition to the folders, books, planner, pencils etc. that I carry around with me.

Each morning I always double check that I've packed my powder and a brush to apply it with. Although I was blessed with devilishly good looks, unfortunately I wasn't blessed with the perfect skin to match and my t-zone can become a little shiny throughout the day. I also pack my garnier anti- dark circles roll on concealer as it really brightens up your face if your makeup starts to look a little tired towards the end of the day. This is my all time favourite under eye brightener, I've yet to find one that rivals this one.  I also throw in a lip balm and whichever lipstick I'm wearing that day. 

I like to take either a magazine, a book, or both to sixth form as well. Sometimes after a stressful English double it's nice to flick through some glossy pages and stare blankly at the photos without having to analyse them for their graphological features.. But being a Literature student means a reading list the length of my arm, so you'll almost always find me with a book on the go. 
Now I don't think I've mentioned this in a post before, but I actually suffer from anxiety so I have devised a foolproof "Panic Pack"  that I keep on me at all times. Although my pack doesn't stop a full fledged panic attack, it does manage to calm me down if I'm feeling incredibly stressed and like I can't breathe. I won't go into too much detail about that now though.. but if you'd like to see a post on dealing with anxiety, feelings of depression and what I keep in my panic pack then let me know below. 

I tend to take a small tester of perfume or body spray with me just incase. Throw a few hair bands and pins in a spare pocket because I promise you that one day your hair will refuse to cooperate and that bobble that you keep around your wrist for emergencies... yeah, it won't be there. If you have a small hairbrush you might want to throw that in as well. Emergency money is also something that I think everyone should take to school/sixth form/college/work, I'm not talking 100's of pounds just £4 or £5. You never know if you're going to forget your lunch one day or miss your ride home and have to get the next bus... It's always good to be prepared.
As the winter months draw nearer it's important to keep your skin happy and moisturise! Just because the sun's not around to dry your skin out, doesn't mean the dry weather won't do the job. This Norwegian Formula hand cream by Neutrogena is by far the most heavy duty moisturiser I've tried... dare I say it, but I think I prefer it to Soap and Glory's hand food... As well as keeping your skin nice and hydrated, don't forget to keep your own thirst quenched. I'm terrible at remembering to drink throughout the day, but I find if I have a drink on me, I tend to take a sip every time I go into my bag. This Arizona Green tea is beautiful, I really recommend you try it if you can get your hands on some. 

And lastly who could survive a day in any learning environment without their ipod or phone?! If you can then well done to you, have a medal. No, really! Music really keeps me calm and composed throughout the day, I've been listening to The 1975 A LOT recently and many of my friends would tell you that I've become slightly obsessed - especially with the lead singer Matt Healy (who just happens to be my lock screen right now...)

Anyway before I write a whole blog post dedicated to The 1975 (oh yes, I really could) I better stop myself. I hope you've enjoyed seeing what's inside my school bag. Leave me a comment down below telling me what's in your bag and letting me know if you would be interested in those few slightly more personal posts.
I hope you're all well. Love Always. 


  1. love your bag!


  2. your bag is to die for!


  3. Such a glamourous bag! I didn't have anything as nice as that when I was in sixth form! So nice to know i'm not the only anxiety sufferer. I'll have to get my own little panic pack together! x


  4. Your bag is amazing!! I want one lol Really nice post!


  5. I love your bag! Mine is quite a similar style! Love your blog!xx

    little-pink-daisy.blogspot.co.uk <3 xx

  6. I absolutely can't go anywhere without hair pins! I'm your newest follower on bloglovin and GFC, coming from twitter xx


  7. Im in love with your bag!

  8. Love the tea - I always buy this as well if I can find it! The bottle is just so pretty!! :D xx

  9. A bobble and grips are my must haves in every handbag I own!


  10. Love this post!
    Gorgeous bag+I always like to take a book or something with me for free periods :)
    I've been listening to The 1975 non-stop too - SO GOOD :D


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