You know those weeks where the universe and his brother have it in for you and all you can do is sit and stew in your own misery. Yeah, it’s been one of those weeks. So in a final attempt to cheer myself up I trudged through the wind and rain one lunch to the nearest pharmacy and bought myself a Lasting Finish By Kate Moss lipstick - in shade 16 if we're being precise. 

As many of you know I'm an absolute sucker for packaging and for some reason I really love the way these lipsticks are packaged. I think the black tube with Kate's signature on the lid looks very elegant and professional in comparison to the garish metallic pink packaging we saw with the "show off" range a year or so back. At least when it's time for me to reapply or touch up my lipstick, I no longer feel embarrassed pulling something so sleek out of my bag. 

I often have to be quite careful when buying any shade of pink as blue-toned pinks really just don't suit my skin tone at all.. to put it simply, they make me look very ill so I tend to avoid them. Shade 16 however has more of a salmon undertone. Personally I think this is complementary to far more skin tones and a hell of alot easier to wear. 

Pigmentation-wise this lipsticks good... but that's about all. I also find that after 30 minutes or so of wear my lips became quite dry and I was very aware that I had something on my lips, so I'd suggest keeping a lip balm on hand if you're planning to wear a lasting finish lipstick. The product also does have a bit of a smell to it.. and not a particularly pleasant one, however when applied it's unnoticeable so not much of an issue for me. 

Overall I really like the shade I picked up and I think there's a lot of other really nice colours in the collection that I wouldn't mind giving a go. If you're a girl on a budget, then at £5.49 these would be a wise investment. If however you're looking for a super moisturising, or a super long wearing product then I suggest you skip this one ladies. 



  1. Looks like a pretty color, but they don't sell kate moss products in the US :(

  2. This looks like a lovely shade, my local Boots is always sold out of every shade but one bright pink one xx

    Beautyqueenuk xx


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