For the past two years or so I've heard all the makeup gurus on both blogger and youtube bang on about how great the sleek products are and for such a low cost too! Naturally this made me inquisitive... Unfortunately living where I do in the midlands I can't find anywhere that actually sells Sleek, which is bloody annoying and you think you would be able to buy it in birmingham..(THE SECOND CITY)  but nope, you'd be wrong.
So when I stumbled across a small superdrug in old fashioned Aberystwyth you can imagine my delight (and slight frustration, seriously Birmingham get your act together!) when I spied a whole counted dedicated to this illusive brand.

The first Pallette I picked up was one of the highly coveted i-divine palettes in "Oh so special". Now this palette kind of counts as branching out for me as I'm usually a strictly neutrals only kind-o'-gal. Now I've never owned a mac eyeshadow (yes it's true, I'm a mac shadow virgin) but I've often heard that sleek is a good comparison. It's at this point I'd like to point out that this entire palette cost me £7.99 where as a single mac eye shadow would cost around £12.50 ...

Now I may not be able to compare the quality, but price and quantity wise I think Sleek are definitely onto a winner! I like how this palette contains a mixture of both matte and shimmery shades as it caters to everyone's fancies and means you could easily create wearable day looks, or branch out to something a little more daring with the stunning shimmers. 

The second thing I had to pick up was the blush by 3 trio in "Lace". I've been lusting after this product ever since I heard about the brand two years or so ago. As you can see the colours are all fairly pigmented so for £10 I really do think this trio is an absolute bargain! I've been loving wearing crochet this month because it's so different to any other shade of blush I own, so it's been a refreshing change. Chantilly really gives a bright pop of colour to the cheeks as well if you pair it with a more neutral eye.

A little goes a long way with these blushes though, so don't go loading up your brush! If you like these colours, try checking out the trio in "Pumpkin" too. 

The last thing I picked up was another i-divine palette in the shade "Au Naturel". As the name suggests this is a more neutrally inclined pallette.. Theres not much I can say about this really, I just couldn't resist! This has got to be like my 34th neutral palette but hey, gotta collect 'em all right? Like all of the i-divine palettes this one was also £7.99 and contains 5 shimmery shades. I've noticed that the matte shades seem to be a little less pigmented than the shimmery ones, which by the way are extremely pigmented, but that just seems to be the norm with most companies in my experience. 

Overall I'm really impressed with Sleek's quality of product and I would definitely recommend the brand to anyone. Sleek is definitely a brand to be reckoned with and not overlooked because of their affordable prices! 

If you'd like to see me create any looks with these palettes let me know bellow, I'm always up for a challenge! Have any of you ever tried a Sleek product before? What were your views? 



  1. I love sleek as a brand, they have so many great products! Definitely try out a MAC eyeshadow, they have some beautiful shades :) xx

    Jess | J.S & Makeup

  2. I love Sleek they're an amazing brand. I want Lace so much as I just can't get enough of their blushes. The second neutral palette looks so lush too.

    Lovely blog :)


  3. Sleek has a 20% off today so I might finally take the plunge x

  4. All of these look so gorgeous! I've had my eye on the Lace palette for ages but never bought it for some reason. I got my first Sleek product in a recent beauty box swap, Rose Gold blush, and it is SO pretty!

    Hannah x

  5. Sleek are quickly becoming one of my favourite brands! Have hardly heard a bad word about them :)

    Claire from Stylingo xx

  6. Love this post! I just did a sleek haul on my blog so check it out if you want:
    Georgia xo


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