I've put off writing this blog post for a long time, firstly because fashion is not my forte, it just really isn't. When it comes to style I know what I like, but I just can't seem to put the styles I like and the clothes I buy together to make myself look presentable... No, makeup and beauty is definitely where my strengths lie. Even so, my friend maisy (who also has a blog which you can find here) and I decided to take a much needed retail therapy trip to Birmingham. T'was a lovely day out and well.. here's what I ended up with. Oh and I should probably mention that I went out with the intention of buying trousers/skirts only...

As much as I love Topshop (so much) I decided to try and branch out a little bit. I think 85% of my wardrobe is probably Topshop and it's nice to have a little bit of variety and to have your wardrobe differ from everyone elses' a little. So I began my mall-crawl in warehouse where, to my delight I found this little beauty for £22. I just thought it was such a simple yet classy piece and a bit more mature than the normal plain, baggy white tee I usually sport.  

Next on the mall crawl was Oasis. Originally I went inside with the intention of buying the most beautiful oriental cherry blossom styled bomber jacket, but unfortunately they didn't have any in my size *sniffs* But it's okay because I found an even more gorgeous one in Zara! I just need to save and bit and... Woah, tangent, sorry! I can't remember precisely how much this top was but I think it was around £18. It's little different to the kind of pattern I normally wear, so I thought hey, lets give it a go!

To my very limited knowledge, I believe that oriental prints are in this season, are they not? Regardless, this top reminded me of those china plates that you sometimes see, and the idea of being a human china plate for a day amused me. Maybe it's on trend for the summer, maybe it's not, I like it anyway! It was a hefty £36 but it's lovely quality material and the print is just beautiful isn't it?

And lastly I decided that you can never have too many sunglasses right? So I thought at £12 (I think) who could pass these beauties up? I loved the fact that they were nude because I thought it gave such a sophisticated look. And yes, I cracked. I did venture into topshop and I even tried a few dresses on, but alas, they were NOT flattering at all, which is a shame as they were beautiful little white dresses. I thought I wouldn't really be cheating myself if I bought a lipstick though because the Topshop makeup is fantastic quality for the price and I need to build up my "summer-shades" if you will.

I'm awfully sorry for the all-over-the-place-ness of this post. I've been revising for the past couple of weeks so have regrettably neglected my corner of the internet, so I'm a little out of practise at blogging. In a few weeks It'll all be over though and hopefully my hard work will have payed off. So until then, I'm sorry if my posts are at best sporadic. However as I mentioned earlier, I am a fashion novice, so please let me know in the comments, how would you style these items? And what are your summer must haves?



  1. Ooh those sunglasses! Fab post, I really love the first vest top, I've been looking for some pretty vests to wear with shorts on holiday, this beauty could be the one! xx

  2. hiya, i'm a new follower, would love it if you were able to check out my blog too?
    I have some sunglasses very similar I love them! I am also obsessed with topshop lip products!

    Alice ♥

  3. Those sunglasses are beautiful, I need prescription lenses though :/ x

  4. I love your blog, its looking really nice!! please could you check mine out if you have time?

  5. Ooo love the look of that oriental top and the sunglasses are cute!

    Kylie x


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