(left to right; 1. Nails Inc lennox gardens. 2. Topshop moonshine. 3. Barry M lychee. 4 Topshop big smoke. 5 Nails Inc fulham road)

As I'm sure you're very aware nude nails are what's hot this spring/summer. Although the idea of the trend is to paint your nails as close to  your own flesh colour as possible, I just don't feel that pale nails suit me (being so pale myself). Instead I prefer to paint my nails a slightly darker shade of brown often adding a metallic colour as an accent nail. So, here are my favourite "nude nail" colours for this season.

Excuse the poorly executed paint job here...although big smoke by Topshop shows up darker here than it really is, it's still my favourite shade. Paired with moonshine as an accent nail  it's easy to create a really subtle and classy look that not only goes with every outfit but is also right on trend for the season. A word of warning though, although lychee by Barry M is a beautiful colour, I don't feel that it wears for very long. Within hours of painting my nails I find myself having to repaint where certain nails have chipped. 

I love the Topshop nail polishes because not only is there a massive colour choice, but I find that they just don't chip! Have you got any favourite nude nail polishes for this season?



  1. lovely picks! Barry M's mushroom might not be too much of a nude but its a lovely brown!
    hareem x

  2. I love Nude Nails at the moment! the Barry M polish is gorgeous

  3. I love the topshop moonshine! May need to get myself one :) x

  4. Ah typical, my favourite ones were 2 and 4... both Topshop and my local one is rubbish, it doesn't sell any of the makeup! Great post by the way I love natural nails. It's not 'nude' but a great neutral/everyday type shade is Cappuccino by Barry M, kinda like a browny-taupey-grey :)

    Hannah x


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