We're all guilty of it; hoarding more products than we can possibly use at once. For some people, lipstick is their weakness, for others it's the latest urban decay palette (come on, don't deny it!) Although I myself am privy to the softest skin I can manage. So here are just some of my ever growing body butter collection and my current thoughts on them..

So lets start off with the sanctuary products. As you can see these products have been very well loved and I will begin by saying that the body sprays are very light moisturisers. I prefer to wear these in the daytime in summer, before going out shopping, or to see my friends etc. They provide that extra bit of moisture throughout the day and keep your skin looking supple and glowing. The body moisture spray is also the PERFECT thing to use for a massage (ooher!) however it can leave a greasy residue on your skin for a little while, where as the milk spray sinks in right away. 

The crème soufflé is a little more intense, but not so heavy that it couldn't be worn during the day - by no means would I can it a "heavy duty" moisturiser. After time the soufflé loses the air trapped inside it of it meaning it loses it's mousse like texture and ends up looking more soup like that soufflé like... however it still gets the job done. 

The Soap and Glory butters are by far the most intensive and heavy moisturisers I own, which is great if your skin is as dry as mine usually is. Personally I find the Righteous Butter to be the more deeply moisturising off the two, but only fractionally. Both products smell gorgeous, but light enough so that they're not immediately and obviously detectable. I find it best to put these moisturisers on before bed because they are heavy duty, so I like to let them sink in whilst I sleep. I think I'd feel too sticky going out with either of these products on in the day. 

Lastly are my two "in-between" products. They're more moisturising than the sanctuary lot, but definitely not as rich in moisture as the soap and glory bunch. Firstly we have the Hollister Laguna Beach body lotion. This is once again a really lovely summer moisturiser, but is VERY heavily scented. If you don't like sweet scents then this is definitely not for you, it's very runny in consistency but I do love to shake my routine up with this every now and then! 
Lastly is Pure Grace by philosophy which has to be the most heavenly smelling product on the planet  Ah, it smells like fresh sheets and holidays and all that's good in the world! It's only a light scent though, so I promise you won't smell like a baby prostitute (congratulations if you got the film reference). It's very creamy and the more moisturising out of the two, my supply is running low and I will be slightly heartbroken when I run out. Philosophy make some of the most luxurious products around, I just can't get enough. 

All in all, I'd have to say my all time favourite moisturiser is the Righteous Butter from soap and Glory, closely followed by Philosophy's Pure Grace. I'm sorry if this post was a little repetitive but it was highly requested and thinking of a variety of adjectives to describe body butter is surprisingly a lot harder than you'd think! So, what's your favourite moisturiser? 



  1. my weakness is definitely lipsticks!

    Your body butter collection is great, especially envious of the Soap and Glory ones!

    Emily Jane xo

  2. I love the S&G body butter - it feels and smells so much more luxurious and expensive than it actually is. Have you tried their moisturising milk? It is to die for! I alternate between this, that and the caudalie divine oil.

    Love the blog :)


    Drop by mine when you get the chance.

    Salli x

  3. I love Righteous butter! And now you've made me want to try the Philosophy one. Not that I can afford it!

    ellie | mantrapixie | x

  4. Hi! I just nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blog Award on my blog click on the link for the details...

    P.s if you like soap and glory butter's you should try their sugar crush body scrub... to die for!

    Tess x


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