Today I have my make up storage system to share with you. Personally I'd like my make up to be more organised, but as you'll soon see I'm a bit of a neat freak. So this is the chest of draws where I keep all of my  make up products.The only draw not being utilised for face purposes being the draw on the top left which holds all my nail varnishes. Oh and the cupboard in the middle is where I store my perfume (guarded by my little friend bongo there).

This is the bottom draw on the right hand side of my cabinet and  the first draw I open each morning. It contains all of what I like to call "the face-base products." Witty, I know. So as you can see I have my primers in the lower left corner and my powders above them. Next to my powder are my foundations (expect a post on them soon!) and my concealers. Can you see my garnier anti-dark circles roll on peeking through? Such an underrated product! If you haven't tried it out and you're in the market for an under eye concealer, then I definitely would suggest checking it out. Anyway, I digress.. below my foundations are my blushers and highlighters. At the moment I'm really loving my girl meets pearl illuminator, adding a touch on top of a pink highlighter, or even mixing a bit it with your foundation gives such a healthy glow to the face. 

The draw above my "face-base" draw is where I keep the majority of my eye related products. As you can see I keep some smaller palettes and quads to the far left, my naked palette is just cut out of this picture, but it's by far the best palette I own. At the bottom of the draw I keep some larger palettes that I don't use as often. On top of these I keep my fake eye lashes for those oh-so-special events and a tub of Vaseline. Now some of you may be wondering about the Vaseline, I use it to moisturise my eyelashes. Although lashes only have a very short 28 day life, it's important to keep them in good health so they don't have an even shorter life. I have very little, stubby, brittle things for lashes you see.
Below my Vaseline I keep all my eye liners, mascaras and lash curlers. I could easily go off on another tangent telling you all about THE BEST mascara in the world, but it really deserves a blog post to itself. If you want hear more about the miracle-working mascara let me know in the comments! 

Lastly is my lip draw. Oh, and it holds some loose eye shadows too. As you can see my lipstick collection isn't that extensive as I only started to really wear lipstick in November, however my lip gloss collection does take the Mick. I should probably mention that all the dividers in my draws are lids, or shallow boxes. However I couldn't find a box lid big enough to hold my lip glosses so I made this dividing segment out of cardboard from the box my clarasonic came in. I try to keep it so that the top segment contains balm stains/ glosses in tubes and the middle right-hand segment contains lip glosses in squeezey tubes. I put my loose eye shadows in the remaining space because I have no where else to put them, and lastly my lipsticks lie at the bottom end of the draw.

Pheew. That was a very broad whistle stop tour of my cabinet. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope I didn't digress too much. If there's any particular post you'd like to see let me know in the comments below. How do you store your make up? 



  1. The chest of drawers is so pretty, I love the contrast of the white and then the gold handles x

  2. the chest is so cute, so vintage and old fashioned, love it! why is everything so neat! hhahahahah so well organised i love it! Makeup storage is my favorite videos and blog posts to read, I dont knowo why, maybe im just too nosey? ahhahahaha love it girl! xx

  3. I spy doublewear!! Big old love for this foundation. Your chest of drawers is so gorgeous I wish my room was big enough for something like this haha!
    You're so organised I'm jealous! xx

  4. Love your beauty storage!

    I've been trying to organise mine a little better lately!

  5. We have so many of the same things! Your storage is so nice and neat.
    Love your blog- new follower here!x

  6. A great way to store makeup. Love the cute li'l doggy hanging from your chest.

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  7. I really like these posts! Love you make up storage!

    Inês xo

  8. Everyone is always so organised when it comes to storing makeup. I just chuck everything into a vanity case and then my daily makeup goes into a lil makeup bag and my brushes in a pot. I need to start being more creative ;)

    Lovely blog by the way, thank you for sending me your link. Now following :D

    Louise x

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