I've haven't really spoken about my skin here on my blog yet, but after using these products I thought it was about time I did. My skin is an absolute concoction; my nose is hopelessly dry, whilst my forehead is very oily and blemish prone. So as you can imagine It's difficult for me to find a balance in my skincare routine. Fortunately being the obsessive youtube-guru-watcher that I am I heard the name "REN" being thrown around. After doing a little investigating of my own I was pleasantly surprised to see that REN make skincare to cater to ALL skin types. Normal, dry, blemish prone, sensitive, combination, ageing  - you name it there's most likely a product to suit you!

Although I believe skincare is very important, I don't want to splash out on a full sized set if I've never used the product before. I mean what if I were to spend £22 each on a cleanser, toner, mask, moisturiser etc.  only for it turn out that I have a reaction to the products, or they make no difference to my skin? So - and here's a top tip - I decided to buy a travel kit for blemish prone skin, which I believe was around £15.

The description on the back of the box reads- " formulates to leave problem skin looking clear, calm and even toned. REN's ClearCalm 3 system combats the 3 key causes of breakouts and blemishes: excess sebum, build up of dead skin cells, blemish causing bacteria without harshness."

ClearCalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser - "A purifying antibacterial cleanser formulated to combat the appearance of breakouts and blemishes leaving skin visibly clearer and calmer." This cleanser has a similar consistency to the Liz Earl cleanse and polish, but maybe not quite as thick. Out of all the products, I'd say that using this on a regular basis is what's had the most improvement on my skin. After only two or three uses  the impact on my skin was incredible. The amount of spots on my skin had visibly declined and my skin was feeling soft and looking radiant. 

ClearCalm 3 Clarity Restoring mask - Like the cleanser, this mask also promises to "visibly reduce imperfections"  and it really does. What I like about both products is that they are really soothing for the skin. I reckon that although REN make a skincare range for sensitive skin, if you have blemish prone and sensitive skin, you could probably get away with using this kit! The mask left me feeling fresh faced and all together more confident in my appearance.

Total Clarity Day Fluid - "A light oil-free day fluid formulated to combat the appearance of blemishes, visibly control oil and leave skin looking clearer, healthier, even toned and mattified." I really enjoyed using the day fluid because of it's mattifying qualities. The fluid did exactly as it said and controlled my skins' oil production throughout the day.  

The Replenishing Night Serum - So lastly is the replenishing night serum and in all honesty, I don't have much to say about this particular product. It moisturised most of my skin well enough, but as I mentioned earlier I have a hopelessly dry nose and I don't feel as though this moisturiser did much to combat that. This is probably the only product that I would not repurchase in full size simply because I think I need a stronger moisturiser at night. 

So what can I say, the kit does exactly what it says on the box... literally! And for the price, it was an absolute steal. I'm absolutely hooked on REN now and will certainly be repurchasing these products (full sized this time of course!) If you're looking for some new skincare, or feel like the products you're using aren't really having any effect on your skin that I strongly recommend that you try a REN product for your skin type.

Have you ever tried  REN? What are your thoughts?



  1. I've used REN body washes but never the skin care. I'm always cautious buying expensive skin care as my skin can be rather sensitive and I'd be so upset to have a bad reaction after spending so much, but I love the idea of this travel size set!

    Love Em @ xx

  2. These little REN sets are such a good idea to try everything out, I keep telling myself I should buy one! Especially want to try the cleanser. xo

  3. I really want to try the REN skincare but I'm always worried new skincare will break me out! x

  4. We've heard so much about Ren. Great post. Keep up the awesome work, hun!

    By the way we want to let you know that we love your blog so much that we've nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. Jump on to our blog for more details.
    Happy blogging X

  5. These look great, I can`t wait for you to tell us more about how you`re getting along with them!

  6. I love your blog so much. Its very informative and very well laid out. I happened to just stumble across it and I'm super glad that I did ! :)

    I have recently started my own beauty and fashion blog and maybe you could check it out if you get chance and maybe give me some feedback on it :) Thanks in advance if you do.

    xo Krystal-Marie


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