Today I woke up with the blogging bug again. It's the first day of half term so I decided there was no better day to do a "how I style" post. I was a little apprehensive to say the least about doing one of these posts. Fashion is a personal thing and what I deem to be stylish, others might think is a horrible fashion atrocity. Not only that, but those who know me in real life will no I find nothing more frightening than standing in front of the camera, so please do excuse my face! 

In all of the outfits featured bellow I'm wearing my black Chelsea boots, black skater dress and a bowler hat stealthily borrowed from a friend (hi hetty!) I thought if I kept three pieces the same in each outfit, I'd be able to show you how easy it it to create different looks by adding just a few items.
Outfit number 1 is something I'd wear if I was going out for a meal or a formal occasion. My faux fur coat has served me well throughout the winter months and I can't bring myself to put it to the back of my wardrobe just yet. I think It adds a certain element of class to any outfit not to mention a lot of warmth. Paired with a bowler hat to add a little character and you're good to go.

The second outfit is definitely more casual. This is a good example what I would normally wear to sixth form. We all have those big baggy jumpers we buy on the run up to Christmas  but quickly tire of after pairing them with every pair of coloured jeans we own right? Well bring those jumpers through to spring by throwing them over a dress! Here I've added a chunky bow necklace to add a little more detail. If you're still feeling a bit chilly I recommend wearing a heavy duty parka as well. (buy jumper here)

This last outfit is actually very similar to something I wore to court a couple of months ago. There must be at least 10 different ways you can wear a scarf, so why not experiment? drape it over your shoulders like a shawl, tie it round your neck in as many different ways possible, hey why not tie it round your waist?! Adding a floral scarf like this adds a feminine twist to any outfit. With the addition of a leather, biker jacket you begin to counteract that femininity. Match a belt to the scarf and add another pop of colour to your outfit.  (buy the jacket here)

So there you go, there's my first how I style post! As it's the first of it's kind you'll have to bare with me as I get used to this kind of post. If you liked it and would like to see more posts like it in the future let me know in the comments. How would you style a black dress? What blog posts would you like to see in the future?



  1. May I just say, your hair is flawless! Such a perfect shade of brown!! xxx

  2. Love the last style :)

    Be great if you could check out my post on how to wear graphic jumpers for SS13

    I am also running my 1st blog giveaway here where you could win MAC, Jewellery plus other goodies.

    Thanks! Charlie xx

  3. Your jacket looks so yummy and cosy, that's such a pretty scarf too!

    The Style Rawr!

  4. I absolutely love how you styled the LBD! You look really lovely! You have such a lovely style! x Laura

  5. The middle one's our favourite! We did a post on our LBD check it out if you like

  6. I love the last style :)
    Kirsty x


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