January 2013 • Winter Lipsticks

As winter nears it's weary end and the promise of spring starts to creep into the back of our minds, It's almost time for me to ditch the darker lippies and reach for the pretty pinks. But before I could even think about about breaking out all the summery colours, I thought it only fair to mention the faithful cooler shades that have seen me through the winter. So without further ado let me introduce you to my top 3 winter lipsticks of 2012/13.

From left to right - Hazard by Topshop, Rio Rio by Topshop, Nice Knickers by Benefit.

On the far left we have Hazard by Topshop, now it has to be said for both of the Topshop lipsticks that they do have an incredible staying power. I can pop a bit on before leaving for school in the morning, and it'll still look freshly applied at lunch. In real life Hazard is a deep berry red, perfect for those who might want to try a matte darker lip but don't want to fully commit to the trend. I don't think the photo's below really do Hazard any justice, in real life it is darker.

Next up we have Rio Rio by Topshop. Honestly, I'm just an absolute sucker for a red lip. I think a classic red lip can really just be the cherry on top of the cake when it comes to completing an outfit. Rio Rio is very true to the bullet as it really is a shockingly bright red. Like Hazard it is very durable, however the only problems I have with Topshop's lipstick formulations is that they can drag a little when applying to the lip and  I personally find that they can be quite drying. However this problem is easily solved by applying a clear lip balm before applying your lippy and after if you feel your lips are lacking some much needed moisture.

Lastly but certainly not least is raspberry cream silk-finish  lipstick by benefit in the shade Nice Knickers (I know, it's such a great name!) This is by far the most moisturising of the lipsticks however it is also the most sheer. As the name state's it does have a very silky and glossy finish so as you would expect, it doesn't achieve quite the same staying power as the Topshop's shades do. In my opinion this shade is the most wearable and would compliment most skin tones due to it's more natural colour and build-ability.


So what were your go-to lipsticks during the winter months? Leave a comment bellow and let me know! Until next time!



  1. I like all of these, but I'm really intruiged by the benefit one as I haven't read very much about there lipsticks before. Do you have any other colours?


    1. Indeed I do! I have three lipsticks by them in total! I can do a post on them if you'd wish? x

  2. Hello! This is a really great post, by the way! Just stopping by to say I've nominated you for the Liebster Awards! Just Google or check out my latest post on my blog to find out what it's about (don't worry it's not spam haha) and I'll be sure to see what you've responded with!
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  3. My fave winter lippy was Black Cherry by Revlon, I've lost my red lippy though so annoyed! I'd really like to try out Rio Rio, it looks gorgeous and perfect for all year round. A bit put off that it's a little drying, but nothing a good lip balm can't solve xxx

  4. Hazard is such a nice shade, I think I might have to buy one for myself!
    Frankie xx

  5. Both the Topshop shades are beautiful, I love Topshop lipsticks! xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  6. I love Topshop Rio Rio, I think it's going to be my next buy! I do agree about them being a little drying, but it seems that it's nothing a little 8 Hour Cream can't solve, so it's not the end of the World!

    Mona x

  7. Wow, all of these are totally gorgeous! Rio Rio stands out most to me, since I'm a huge sucker for orange reds. I'll have to take a closer peek at Topshop lipsticks next time :)



  8. i love all of those shades!
    im loving my reds lately.

    im your newest follower :)
    find me at..
    BreezeyBee Blog

    PS: you have word verification on :(

  9. The topshop shades are goregeous! Might have to go and get one for myself. Love your blog xx


  10. Love all of these shades, especially 'Nice Knickers' :) XO
    Lovely blog, following!


  11. 'Nice Knickers' is a lovely colour!

    Kimberley x



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