January 2013 • Winter Lipsticks

As winter nears it's weary end and the promise of spring starts to creep into the back of our minds, It's almost time for me to ditch the darker lippies and reach for the pretty pinks. But before I could even think about about breaking out all the summery colours, I thought it only fair to mention the faithful cooler shades that have seen me through the winter. So without further ado let me introduce you to my top 3 winter lipsticks of 2012/13.

From left to right - Hazard by Topshop, Rio Rio by Topshop, Nice Knickers by Benefit.

On the far left we have Hazard by Topshop, now it has to be said for both of the Topshop lipsticks that they do have an incredible staying power. I can pop a bit on before leaving for school in the morning, and it'll still look freshly applied at lunch. In real life Hazard is a deep berry red, perfect for those who might want to try a matte darker lip but don't want to fully commit to the trend. I don't think the photo's below really do Hazard any justice, in real life it is darker.

Next up we have Rio Rio by Topshop. Honestly, I'm just an absolute sucker for a red lip. I think a classic red lip can really just be the cherry on top of the cake when it comes to completing an outfit. Rio Rio is very true to the bullet as it really is a shockingly bright red. Like Hazard it is very durable, however the only problems I have with Topshop's lipstick formulations is that they can drag a little when applying to the lip and  I personally find that they can be quite drying. However this problem is easily solved by applying a clear lip balm before applying your lippy and after if you feel your lips are lacking some much needed moisture.

Lastly but certainly not least is raspberry cream silk-finish  lipstick by benefit in the shade Nice Knickers (I know, it's such a great name!) This is by far the most moisturising of the lipsticks however it is also the most sheer. As the name state's it does have a very silky and glossy finish so as you would expect, it doesn't achieve quite the same staying power as the Topshop's shades do. In my opinion this shade is the most wearable and would compliment most skin tones due to it's more natural colour and build-ability.


So what were your go-to lipsticks during the winter months? Leave a comment bellow and let me know! Until next time!


Lush Review

My mom has always taught me "you get what you pay for" when it comes to..  well anything really, but even more so when it comes to skincare. So when I first caught onto the Lush hype I couldn't understand it. How could products that were so cheap be so good? After toying with the idea of actually buying some products for myself and trying them out for about 5 or 6 months, a bad break out finally convinced me that now was as good a time as any. 

After a few weeks use, I find I'm asking myself, why did I wait this long?! Following a wonderful conversation with a lovely Lush employee I bought a 100g pot of the Hearblism cleanser and a 100g pot of the Mask of Magnaminty.

If my mom is right and you really do get what you pay for, then I'm surprised at how cheap these products are! At £6.25 you're buying a seriously good cleanser made out of 100% natural products so there's no added chemicals being rubbed into your skin. Another thing that really strikes me about this cleanser is that fact that it's solid. To get it to lather you have to pinch a bit off and rub water into it, how quirky! 

I'm also a fan of the mask as well although I haven't been using it as regularly. It has a really pleasant pepperminty smell and you can really feel it tingling on the more problem areas of your face (in my case around my nose!) After using both products I've seen a huge difference in my skin, it's much more radiant, and incredibly soft. I'd recommend these products to anyone with spot/acne prone skin.


Fashion Wishlist • January 2013

So here we go again, the start of another year, seems scary doesn't it? So I figured there was no better way to start the year off by telling you all what I'm lusting after at the beginning of this year..January Wishlist
1. All Saints: Daisy Floral Shirt (buy here)
There's nothing better than a pretty blouse if you ask me, so easily styled throughout the year this blouse could surely be a staple piece in any girls wardrobe, however at a hefty £42 (and yes that is half price in the sale) it is a little on the pricey side. Worth it? I think so. 

2. Topshop: Mint Baby Cord Skater Skirt (buy here)
You may be noticing a slight reoccurring pastel theme, I've never really been one for pastels before now, but I really can't be doing with these dull January months and this mint skater skirt seemed like 
a breath of fresh air. I may as well start on the spring wardrobe now. 

3. Topshop: Keepin' It sweet (buy here)
Topshop nail varnishes are my favourite. They don't chip, they're incredibly pigmented and there's an incredible variety of colours for a good price! Surprisingly I don't own a pastel pink so I thought an addition to the collection was needed! 

4. Topshop: Knitted Texture Stitch Jumper (buy here)
I live in big baggy jumpers... literally  I have 5 or 6 I seem to wear on a kind of cycle. What better way to stay comfortable and warm yet still look stylish. This blue also seems a bit more bright and cheery than the dull greens and burgundies that have been the focus during winter. 

5.Topshop: Metal Chevron Keeper Belt (buy here)
Okay so it seems I may be a little Topshop obsessed....any who, this belt just seemed like a cute way of tying any outfit together, and I will defiantly be purchasing it asap. 

6. Miss Selfridge: Peace Necklace (buy here) 
I don't have many jewellery pieces and as we head out of the winter months and shed the fur coats and thick jumpers, it seems many of us also ditch the statement necklaces and opt for more dainty options. 

7. Topshop: Double Zib Suedette Bag (buy here)
A girl can never have too many bags right? Trying to choose just one from Topshop's all mighty collection is always a daunting task, but at this particular moment in time, it's this 'fella that's caught my eye. I think he'd be a great transitional piece for the winter to spring (wing/spinter?!?) months! 

8. Miss Selfridge: Sally Nude Town Shoe (buy here)
...Okay so I don't actually need any more shoes but these were just so gorgeous I couldn't resist. Surely my bank balance could spare £46 for these? You never know when you're going to have to dress up for a special occasion!

So that's it for my mammoth January wishlist. What's tickling your fancy this month? Leave me a comment and let me know! 

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