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As we begin the yearly transition from the warm summer months, to those cold, frosty winter mornings, We must first pass through the "time of the in-between" or as most people call it, Fall. This year the ankle boot is making a huge come back, and definitely deserves a special place in your wardrobe! So here are a breakdown of my top 5 must have boots for the season.

1. The classic Chelsea boot is never out of style which makes it a great staple shoe that could be worn all year round. This pair from Topshop (buy here) are a classic example of the style and are my personal favourites! I would recommend this style for girls who want to play it safe and are opting for the more classic look.

2. If you consider yourself a shoe fanatic, or just like to treat yourself every now and then, they why not spare a moment to check out these feminine boots! Although they may not be to everyone's taste, the cut out just below the ankle adds a modern twist on a classic shoe, bringing the trend more up to date! But at a pricey £78 (buy here from Topshop) these boots are for the slightly more daring.

3. The transition from summer to fall and fall to winter almost always means it's time to say "goodbye" to any colour in our wardrobes, and time to welcome back the blacks and greys, so why not add a splash of colour (no matter how small it may be) to your winter wardrobe. Go on! (buy here)

4. Bring a hint of western charm into your everyday look with this flirty pair of western Chelsea boots. Maybe I've seen too many western films, but don't these boots remind you of cowboys and Indians? Unlike the other boots, I may not recommend these for all-day-every-day use, as the heel height is a littlel higher than comfortable, for my liking anyway. But aren't these such a cute way to add some quirky style to an outfit! How would  you style them? (buy here)

5. Last of all are these vintage looking Chelsea boots from soyoushoes.co.uk. At £35 these are an absolute bargain! I'm a massive fan of the vintage look, and the weathered leather creates just that. As a proud owner of a pair of these boots, I must say that I couldn't be happier with them!  

So there you go, that was my breakdown of the top 5 Chelsea boots around at the moment. How would you style these boots? Be sure to let me know! Have a lovely day 



  1. Lovely post! I really want to get some chelsea boots! I just stumbled across your blog and i love it, im now following :)

    Laura - www.lollylovesx.blogspot.co.uk xoxo

  2. Wow! I like the boots. Really nice! (:




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